Technology and knowledge transfer

Industry 4.0, use of RFID in Logistics, virtual reality, digital factory design and ergonomics, use of ERP systems - these are just a few examples for current topics we currently do research in our Faculty.

In addition to teaching, research and development projects are part of our everyday life. We are not working independently from each other in these projects, but we research, teach and learn together. The results should be of direct benefit to our regional, national and international partners. You too can benefit from our expertise!

We are happy to give you an overview of current research issues and areas our staff is currently working on. Upon request, we offer seminars, workshops, talks, trainings in all our teaching and research areas. We also offer courses for continuing education. Depending on the course format, courses can take place at FHWS or in companies.

At certain intervals, professors may be released from their duties in teaching and administration.
For a specific research project, professors can be released for a so called research leave (Forschungsfreisemester). In the case of a practice leave (Praxisfreisemester), professors are released for the purpose of applying and testing scientific findings and methods in professional practice and to gain practical experience outside the field of higher education (e.g. in a company).