Creative Cube

Room 7.E.13 - Campus I


The Creative Cube experimentally investigates the influence of the room atmosphere on the creativity of individuals and teams.

Factors influencing work efficiency

  • Light intensity
  • Light colour
  • Moving light that simulates natural lighting conditions
  • Noise, music, volume of background noise
  • Aromas and fragrances
  • Active substances such as caffein

Available equipment

  • Iluminated ceiling (with 40,000 LEDs)
  • BOSE sound system
  • Lego Serious Play LSP®
  • Room-fragrancing system
  • Magnetic and write-on walls
  • Mobile and multifunctional high quality presentation furniture equipped with creative materials (Brain Butler)
  • Web and video cameras

Workshop methods applied

  • Lego Serious Play
  • Design Thinking
  • Scrum
  • Triz


Head of lab

Prof. Dr. Uwe Sponholz

Visiting Address
Ignaz-Schön-Straße 11
97421 Schweinfurt
Office Hours

Contact Hour Winter Term 2020/21:

Thursday 1.30pm

Please register in eLearning. So far only online at Zoom.

Programme Director of Business with Europe
Head of VR Lab
Head of Creative Cube
Areas of Duty


- B2B Marketing and Sales-

- Applied Project Management

- Innovation Management and Design Thinking

- Strategic Management

- Service Engineering

- Sales Management



- VR Lab (Virtual - Augmented and Mxed Reality)

- Creative Cube (Creativity Research)

Profile picture Prof. Dr. Uwe Sponholz

Lab staff

Benjamin Mahr

Visiting Address
Ignaz-Schön-Straße 11
97421 Schweinfurt
Profile picture  Benjamin Mahr

Josef Zenker

Visiting Address
Ignaz-Schön-Straße 11
97421 Schweinfurt
Profile picture  Josef Zenker