ERP Manager

In cooperation with the Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Würzburg (TGZ), our lab regularly offers training courses for ERP managers.

The reason is obvious. ERP systems have become a vital part of manufacturing companies. Due to their high complexity and simultaneous efficiency, ERP experts demand horrendous daily rates.

In order to remedy the resulting dependence on these systems houses, a more favourable alternative in the form of training courses is offered here. Please note that the courses are currently only in German.

  • Fundamental insight into ERP systems
  • Understanding, connecting, penetrating and optimizing ERP processes
  • Ability to independently master business processes
  • Ability to increase efficiency and planning precision

Decisions can be made in a more targeted way!<STRONG/>

<STRONG/>When?starting on 16 November 2019
128 teaching hours lasting 45 minutes on Saturdays from 9:00 to 16:00 (individual changes possible)

Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften
Ignaz-Schön-Straße 11
97421 Schweinfurt

[Module 1] – Discover ERP!

  • Short theoretical, general introduction
  • Model your own example company
  • Learn to implement your own ERP system

[Module 2] – Investigate ERP systems!

  • Apply newly acquired skills to realistic situations and problems

[Module 3] – Show your ERP skills!

  • Apply all things you learnt
  • Map a real process from production or order processing in the ERP system

[Completion] – Examination!

  • Examination with certificate of participation

Course participants may apply for funding through the European Social Fund (ESF).

Eligible are:

  • For the duration of the training, employees are released from their duties by the employer
  • Place of residence or work are in Bavaria

Not eligible are:

  • Civil servants
  • Soldiers
  • Employees of corporate bodies, institutes and foundations under public law
  • Trainees/Apprentices


  • € 714.00 (incl. VAT) eligible for funding
  • € 2,856.00 (incl. VAT) not eligible for funding




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