Final theses

The ERP Lab is currently looking for Bachelor’s and Master’s students in the following fields: 

Project OberA

Together with 7 partners from practice (area Schweinfurt and Nuremberg/Erlangen) and 2 fellow professors, the ERP Lab carries out a project on the digitalization of manufacturing processes and processes close to manufacturing (ke word is Industry 4.0). For this, we are looking in general for Bachelor’s students to work on diverse tasks. Currently, we are looking for students who are able to investigate the influence of personnel availability and qualification on production planning, predictive maintenance for grinding machines, the factors influencing sequence planning or machine data required for process monitoring at the companies Emuge Franken in Rückersdorf and Kritzner in Schweinfurt.

Lab work

In the ERP Lab we aim at visualising ERP and thus want to establish exemplary processes in the field of IoT. The aim here is to investigate the integration of smartphones, indoor positioning, machine sensors and other technologies related to Industry 4.0 into order processing on the one hand theoretically and, on the other hand, to test or design them in the lab.

Theoretical work

We are also looking for students doing their Bachelor’s thesis who are interested in theoretical topics such as information processing, information selection as a basis for decision-making, gamification/ERP training, or IoT architectures.


If this applies to you, please contact alexander.dobhan[at]


Previous final theses

In general, final theses focus either on planning software and corporate software as a whole and/or on business process analysis and optimisation. So far, the ERP Lab has supervised final theses in the following fields:

System-oriented theses

  • Analysis and optimization of production data using the example of special tools in the manufacture of milling cutters in the grinding production step.
  • Requirements management for a ticketing system using the example of GOK Regler- und Armaturengesellschaft GmbH & Co.KG
  • Enhancing CRM Systems with Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Small business acceptance of web-based EDI applications
  • Predictive Maintenance – Integration into ERP Systems
  • ...

Process-oriented theses

  • Methods for the representation and optimization of the tool removal and ordering processes in the tool management of ZF Friedrichshafen AG at the Schweinfurt location 
  • Order control in a hybrid make-to-stock-/make-to-order-production
  • Analysis of parameters for feasible order and production planning in medium-sized enterprises 
  • Game Based Learning for teaching knowledge of business processes