Factory Engineering Labs

Human labour still is and will be the main component of industrial production. Thus, our labs mainly work on the design of manual workstations and an ergonomic assessment of work processes.

The Factory Engineering Labs are divided into two smaller labs: Set-ups that can be virtually displayed in the Digital Factory Lab can be tested in reality in the Ergonomics Lab.

Digital Factory Lab

Room 9.1.02 - Campus II


In the Digital Factory Lab, students should gain an insight into the application of Tecnomatrix modules: Process Designer and Process Simulate from the PLM landscape by Siemens. 

With a lab course, students can get a first impression of the range of programme services; with the core elective module (FWPM) Digital Factory, a course with four contact hours per week, students will be able to realise their own project, i.e. building a workstation, simulating the work with a human model and, finally, conducting ergonomic analyses.

Ergonomics Lab

Room 9.1.09 - Campus II
Two students while working on a task in the Ergonomics Lab
Students while working on a task in the Ergonomics Lab

Additional to the lecture about factory design and ergonomics, students can gain an insight into the design of workplaces in the context of case studies in the Ergonomics Lab. The emphasis is on experiencing and discovering the effects of ergonomic measures. 

Areas of activity

  • Holistic design of workplaces 
  • Effects of ergonomic tools and aids
  • Ergonomic assessments and risk analyes
  • Simulating and experiencing the ageing process 




Head of lab

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Deutschle

Faculty of Business and Engineering

Visiting Address
Ignaz-Schön-Straße 11
97421 Schweinfurt
Office Hours

during lecture times of the summer term 2020

Tuesday 11:30 am - 12:30 pm, Room 1.1.35

Programme Director of Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (Bachelor)
Head of Digital Factory Lab
Areas of Duty

Programme director Bachelor Business and Engineering

Profile picture Prof. Dr. Ulrich Deutschle

Lab staff

Julia Römisch

Faculty of Business and Engineering

Visiting Address
Konrad-Geiger-Straße 2
97421 Schweinfurt
Profile picture  Julia Römisch