Branch library for Logistics

Room 20.1.25 - Campus Ledward



SimPick and Logistics branch library
SimPick and Logistics branch library

SimPick houses the FHWS branch library for Logistics. This allows Logistics students to get to know the concept of logistical processes directly when borrowing their books.

Students’ tasks

  • Create an SAP order and thereby create a picking request;
  • Process the picking request yourself (under instructions).
  • This process is valid for borrowing, returning and adding new books. 


  • Students create an SAP standard order 
  • The books’ order positions have to be entered manually
  • The standard order is converted into a picking request
  • Automatic conveyor technology runs with order picking boxes up to the order picking stations where the books are stored
  • Orders are picked with PDA support
  • Only if the process is completed, the loan is booked into the library system

Currently, the target station of a picking box is set manually via a reflector system (“cateyes”), which is analysed by photoelectric sensors. Box control is thus independent from the EWM system.

Next steps

  • Implementation of the control of the order picking boxes via barcodes. 
  • Integration of an already existing pick-by-light system.
  • The picking support of one of the shelving racks is converted to pick-by-voice.
  • The WMS of the horizontal carousel will be directly connecte to SAP-EWM.

Opening Hours

Currently by arrangement