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Two-stage manufacturing of a Lego house
Two-stage manufacturing of a Lego house

What is SimLog?

  • It is a company that manufactures and sells houses and garages built from Lego® bricks
  • It is mapped in SAP S4/Hana-System (client established according to system requirements)
  • The entire company is also physically represented (shelving racks as storage space, picking and production tables as well as printers for order papers)
  • It uses two plants to map all relevant processes related to order processing

Plant 1 - Manufacturing

  • Materials procurement and storage
  • Manufacturing of goods

Plant 2 - Trade/Sales

  • Sale of goods

Students’ tasks

  • Fulfil customer oders from the existing finished goods
  • If there are no finished goods in stock, carry out final assembly to produce finished goods
  • If some parts and/or components are missing, material must be ordered.
  • Finally, start the manufacturing orders for semi-finished products and carry out the final assembly


  • In the manufacturing plant, components are ordered from suppliers and stored. 
  • Two-stage manufacturing (semi-finished goods first which are then further assembled to finished goods) 
  • Components = different types of Lego® bricks and plates (sourced)
  • Finished goods = different variants (colour) of garages and houses 
  • Two of the three shelving racks serve as storage area for the manufacturing plant 
  • The component storage is organised on the basis of the fixed bin strategy 
  • Storage for semi-finished and finished goods is managed dynamically


For the future, we plan integrating WebEDI in order to be able to demonstrate a variation of modern communication between customers and suppliers.


Business and Engineering

  • Lab course: approx. 50 students per semester = 8 groups per semester
  • For more information, please refer to the corresponding E-Learning course Laboratory Test WI/Laborschein WI


  • OPMG Operations Management (order processing): approx. 60 students during the winter semester (10 groups)
  • BPLO Business Processes in Logistics (stocktaking procedures): approx. 60 students during the winter semester (10 groups)

SimLog is a particular condition for admission (besondere Zulassungsvoraussetzung, bzV) to the examinations for the Logistics modules mentioned above.