IC.IDO (formerly known as VDP) from ESI is a software for the real-time visualization of virtual objects. The platfomr offers the possibility to work on virtual models across locations and departments. Virtual reality facilitates targeted and interactive decision making. 

IC.IDO was consistently developed in a module-oriented manner in order to optimally adapt to the changing requirements.

The Power of Immersive Virtual Engineering

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcmX_XtmZHg

Extracts from IC.IDO and Imsys, sources: http://www.imsys-vr.de/ and http://www.icido.de

The software consists of the following modules:

  • IDO.Explore
  • IDO.SolidMechanics
  • IDO.Ergonomics
  • IDO.Present
  • IDO.Special Track
  • IDO.Reflect and Illuminate
  • IDO.Cooperate
  • IDO.Elastic
  • IDO.PointCloud
  • IDO.MultiInteract