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OBerA - Optimization of processes and tooling machines


Optimization of processes and tooling machines by supply, analysis and variance analysis of production data (OBerA); research initiative through the Free State of Bavaria for medium-sized enterprises for support in digitalization. The project is very practice-oriented and represents an overarching cooperation of five medium-sized producers, two machine operators, an ERP specialist company and FHWS. Its primary goal is to develop guidelines for Bavarian medium-sized enterprises. To this end, the most urgent problems of the project partners with regard to digitalization are dealt with; these use cases and their solutions are scientifically evaluated and later result in the guideline as practical solutions. The results are intended to help other medium-sized companies to achieve a practicable approach to digitalization and to successfully implement the solutions shown in their own companies.

Project partners/sponsors

FHWS, Siemens AG, Kritzner Metalltechnik GmbH, Pabst Kombonentenfertigung GmbH, Franken GmbH & Co. KG, Heisab GmbH, Heitec AG /Sponsors: Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy / Project owner VDI VDE IT


Prof. Dr. Hartmann

Project duration

Start: 1 April 2018; end (presumably): 1 April 2021

Increasing the efficiency of automated production lines through optimizing simulation models and methods


In the area of fully automated production of injection nozzles, a six-month project was carried out in cooperation with Bosch, which involved optimization through data-supported predictive maintenance and predictive quality management. Through the use of on-the-edge methods from the areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the operational processes could be sustainably improved on the basis of the analysis of real-time data.

Project partners/sponsors



Prof. Dr. Kurt Schwindl

Year of termination


Additional Information

Article in the Mainpost from 28 July 2015 (available only in German)



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