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More important information, such as your lecture and examination schedule, is available from the E-Learning course Studien- und Prüfungsangelegenheiten / study and examination matters.
Independent from your semester or actual degree programme, this E-Learning course goes with the heading “Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen”. There is no access key necessary to enter this course, only the login to FHWS E-Learning. You will also find information and forms related to studying abroad, the internship semester and academic writing.

Documents related to TWIN Programmes

In the official publication section of FHWS, you find the PDF- version of the regulation concerning the acquisition of a TWIN Certificate (nos 2018-2 and 2018-6). Please note that official publications are currently only available in German.

Documents for the transfer of previously obtained credits

Applications must be submitted by 31 October (enrolment winter semester) or by 15 April (enrolment summer semester). An application for credit transfer can only be submitted once during the course of studies.

More information and necessary forms are available in the above-mentioned E-Learning course in the section "Weitere Informationen und Dokumente/Further information and documents".

If you have any questions on the process, please contact the person at HSST responsible for your degree program.