FWI-Buddies for summer semester 2022

Yash Kothari

Degree programm: Logistics (IBL)
Semester: 5
Expert for: Core electives:
• Materials management.
• Production Engineering with Optimisation and Machine Learning.
• Optimisation of Automated distribution centre at Röthlein Logistik GmbH.
Contact: yash.kothari@student.fhws.de
About me:

For me, it’s about helping someone to start by themselves at the university.
To help others:

  • choosing the modules
  • making new friends.
  • with the studies
  • finding solutions to their problems and to help them settle-in.

I am,
• Approachable
• Available
• Flexible
• Supportive

Aman Swain

Degree programme: Logistics (IBL)
Semester: 5
Expert for: Operations Research, Operations Management, Planning ofCcomplex Logistics Systems, ERP Logistics Application
Contact: aman.swain@student.fhws.de
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/aman-swain-b489951b0

Sanjeev Venkatesh Vurutur

Degree programme: Logistics (IBL)
Semester: 5
Expert for: Currently the core electives that I have completed are as follows:
• Process Optimisation with Six Sigma (SIXS)
• Planning e-commerce home deliveries
I plan on taking up Planning complex logistics systems (PCLS) in the next semester as my third and final core elective. I will be also taking Advanced Purchasing (ADPU) to further my competence.
Contact: sanjeevvenkatesh.vurutur@student.fhws.de
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sanjeevvurutur
Über mich An ardent learner who is constantly seeking out new experiences to satiate his insatiable curiosity.
Currently in my fourth semester and am passionate to meet new people and harmonise with their culture.