Welcome to FHWS!

We are pleased to welcome you as new students at our faculty.

On this page, we have compiled information for you so that you can have the most pleasant start to your studies with us, despite the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Please note the information on online enrolment and general measures taken by the university due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Welcome to the first semester

As every year, we invite all new students in their first semester to an introductory event to help them get started in their studies. This year, of course, the focus of this introductory event is on preparing you for the special challenges of the predominantly digital teaching.

Despite the restrictions imposed by the distance regulations and the maximum room capacities in our lecture halls and seminar rooms, we would still like to invite you to our new building at the Ledward Campus in Schweinfurt.
Due to the current restrictions caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, three days (01.10.2020, 02.10.2020 and 05.10.2020) have been set aside for the first semester welcome, in order to allow courses to be held separately for each degree programme (BLO/BWW/IBE/IBL).
Please select an event (in attendance or online) for your degree programme. If you decide to choose the digital event via zoom, you can download the necessary software here. You can find introductory tutorials for the software in the Zoom Help Center.