Programme Contents


The master’s programme is a modularised three-semester full-time programme. The language of instruction is English.

The programme is structured into a Marketing, a Finance, and an Operations specialisation. The area of specialisation can be chosen in the course of the 1st semester.

A mandatory semester abroad is scheduled for the 1st semester.
During this mandatory semester abroad, at least 30 ECTS credits have to be earned during a continuous period of at least three months. Earned ECTS credit points must be recognised by the Examination Committee.

After two semesters of theory and projects, the master’s thesis is prepared, which must be completed within five months.

The master’s programme Business with Europe comprises modules that can be assigned to four different skills (see illustration below: “Structure of Business with Europe”):

  1. General management skills for various corporate functions (light orange)
  2. Skills for doing business with Europe (medium grey)
  3. Electives for the chosen area of specialisation (dark orange)
  4. Modules teaching advanced academic skills (light grey)

Ihre Module im Master Business Transformation