Business and Engineering: Strengthening international cooperation between Technical University of Bari (Italy) and FHWS

Tue, 17 Dec 2019 | Meldungen, Fakultätsentwicklung, International, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Logistik, Startseite
Student exchange in teaching and research can start in upcoming summer semester of 2020.

The initiation of international research relations and student exchange programmes are among the most important goals of University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt  (FHWS) and the Faculty of Business and Engineering. The contacts to the Southern Italian Technical University Bari (Politechnico di Bari)  through a master project for the digitization of ergonomics evaluation.
The contacts to the Southern Italian Technical University of Bari (Politechnico di Bari) were established through a master project on digitisation of ergonomics evaluation.

Professor Michele Fiorentino and Vito Manghisi (Ph.D.) visited FHWS within the framework of so-called "BayIntAn-Förderung", a start-up financing on international research cooperation. Through laboratory visits to the faculty's own Virtual Reality Laboratory and the c-factory in mechanical engineering, the academics gained an insight into the university's research and application possibilities. In discussions with Dean Professor Dr. Peter Meyer, International Affairs Officer Professor Dr. Elke Stadelmann and Christine Barthelme (Internationalisation Assistant at the Faculty of Business and Engineering) and Research Professor Professor Dr.-Ing. Jan Schmitt, they learned further details.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: Putting on the data glasses in Virtual Reality Laboratory by yourself shows the possibilities offered by the computer-generated, interactive virtual environment. (Photo Schmitt) Interested Master's students are expected to be able to come to the FHWS in the upcoming summer semester 2020, e.g. for their theses. In return, the Technical University of Bari is also open to FHWS students. The cooperation agreement has already been formulated and signed on both sides.

In addition to the courses offered, there are opportunities for cooperation in research and teaching, especially in the areas of digital production and VR/AR technologies (virtual and augmented reality), according to Professor Dr. Jan Schmitt: "If you are interested or having questions, please contact me or the relevant persons at the Faculty of Business and Engineering." For further information please visit BayIntAn.