Creative videos of the students are used for training and awarded with REFA Creativity Award

Thu, 2 May 2019 | Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Lehre, Praxis, Startseite
The film contributions support cross-industry, process-oriented work and company organisation

As part of the lecture on production optimization and CIP with Professor Dr. Jan Schmitt, Faculty of Business and Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt , the students created videos on various topics to present the results. The three most creative film contributions were awarded for the first time by REFA, the association for work design, company organisation and company development.

The deputy of the board, Volker Simon, thanked the students: In future, the videos will be integrated into the association's website and used in teaching for training purposes. Professor Dr. Jan Schmitt praised the young academics: "With your videos you have shown a very creative performance in presenting the results. I am very pleased that your creative contributions from our students have an impact beyond the course to in-company continuing education."

In the winter semester, the future industrial engineers had produced film contributions on three topics: The first duo, Sara Francic and Ina Wahler, presented the Japanese 5S method, an approach to workplace organisation that aims to make it effective, efficient and safe. This method focuses on placing tools and aids where they belong and keeping the workplace clean.

The second team with Timo Drösler and André Schmitt used Lego in a stop motion video to illustrate the bottleneck control with ConWIP. The ConWIP process for production control aims to ensure a continuous flow of material with simple means.

David Beyerlein and Niklas Niedner explained in their film contribution that ergonomics improvements in production can contribute to process optimization and are not contrary to the idea of continuous improvement.

To the background:

REFA, the association for work design, company organisation and company development, offers vocational training and further education: It provides practice-oriented, professional specialist knowledge in the field of process-oriented work and company organisation. In addition to basic training, advanced seminars for university graduates, technicians, public service employees and individual qualifications are offered across all sectors. The REFA Creativity Award will in future be presented each year as part of the German and international lecture on production optimisation and CIP at the FHWS for the three most creative contributions in the course of the presentation.

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