Expand your horizon: P-Seminar with high school students from Würzburg and Indian Master Students

Tue, 9 Jul 2019 | Ereignisse, International, Praxis
Intercultural competence: project partners trained the English language and experienced cultural details

"Expand your horizon" - this was this year's motto of the project, in which twelve high school students of the Würzburg Röntgen-Gymnasium with Sonja Senger as well as 22 Indian students of the master’s degree programme "Business with Europe" of the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt took part. While the pupils could train the English language in the context of their P-seminar, the Indian students of Christ University, who spend a semester at the German university, received insights into the culture of their host country.

During the international and intercultural afternoon, workshops and games were on the agenda. At the beginning, the students were asked ten questions in an introductory quiz about Germany, in which four possible answers could answered, by going to one of the four corners of the courtyard. After a break with German and European snacks, the students offered workshops with discussion rounds on six topics, with all participants rotating through them. Questions were asked about religion, gender-specific behaviour, sport, school systems, entertainment and trends as well as leisure time. The results were collected on posters, presented and then discussed.

After this theoretical part there was time to interact: schoolchildren and students gathered in the yard for sports and games and tested themselves in the bobby car race, table tennis with a plastic ball and a basketball, egg running and in the question game "Who am I?

At the end of the joint event, the Indian master students filled out the feedback forms, which the students will evaluate by the end of July, and registered on a Würzburg poster. This project will take place again next school year.

The aim of the P-Seminar at the schools is to support pupils in their study and career orientation. As part of the seminar, they are carrying out a project in cooperation with external partners that teachers are accompanying in the background.