First interdisciplinary "International Teaching Week" of FHWS at both locations

Fri, 6 Jul 2018 | Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Ereignisse, Fakultätsentwicklung, International, Lehre, Logistik
Faculty of Business and Engineering successfully participates

From 4 to 9 June 2018, the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt held a cross-faculty International Week at both locations for the first time.

At four faculties (Applied Social Sciences, Computer Science and Business Informatics, and Economics and Business Administration in Würzburg as well as Business and Engineering in Schweinfurt) 42 international lecturers from 18 countries came to FHWS and together with FHWS professors offered lectures in German and English to our students. In addition, 25 American students from Auburn University in Alabama took part in the International Week. They spent six weeks at FHWS in Schweinfurt to work on scientific projects in regional companies.

The courses held by international lecturers were aimed specifically at students in their fourth semester who, after passing the exam at the end of the week, can have their grades credited as equivalent to a one-semester course. In order to make this possible, the regular courses had been cancelled.

The Faculty of Business and Engineering in Schweinfurt offered courses on "B2B Marketing", "Ethical Leadership" or "Selling to Culturally Diverse Individuals".

The networking between the faculties was particularly successful, as many students changed faculty and location for International Week courses. For example, students from the Faculty of Business and Engineering attended courses at the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems.

The guest lecturers were offered a varied supporting programme in addition to the courses: Representatives of the Schweinfurt Town Hall invited Würzburg's and Schweinfurt's guests to an official welcome; Professor Dr. Christoph Bunsen opened the doors to the c-factory as part of Industry 4.0;  ZF Schweinfurt welcomed interested visitors by giving a guided tour.

In addition to teaching, another focus was on academic networking and exchange between guest lecturers and local FHWS lecturers. For this purpose guests had the chance to meet in Würzburg, but also in Schweinfurt for joint evening events. Certainly a highlight for the foreign professors at the faculty of Business and Engineering was the participation in the graduation ceremony of on 9 June 2018, the crowning conclusion of graduates' time at FHWS and our Faculty!

Photos: FWI / Simone Friese