Industry tour Hamburg & Lübeck 16.10.17 – 17.10.2017

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 | Logistik, Ereignisse, Praxis, Lehre

Students from the Faculty of Business and Engineering went on an industry tour to the north of Germany on 16/17 October 2017.
At Hamburg, the group visited Desitin, the world’s only manufacturer offering the entire spectrum of products recommended by the WHO for the treatment of epilepsy. Desitin is a specialist in mini tablet technology. Most of the production is done in-house to consistently guarantee high quality pharmaceuticals.
At Lübeck, the group was invited to Drägerwerk, a leading international, family-owned company in the fields of medical and safety technology. Safety technology products range from simple breathing masks to entire kits for fire fighters (known as Drägerman in the US) and military safety equipment. Some examples of medical technology are incubators helping premature babies to develop or vital signs data monitoring systems.
Lübeck is Drägerwerk’s main production site and despite Germany being a high-cost country the company is continuously expanding its domestic production. In January 2017, the new “Factory of the Future” was launched and presented to the public. The new factory was designed for shortening product-to-market times and increasing productivity.