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Wed, 17 May 2017 | Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, International, Ereignisse

Visitors from our partner school NYP in Singapore are actually our guests. The partnership with this exciting university is still new. In October 2017, the first students of the Faculty of business and engineering will start their one-semester trip to Singapore. There they will find a innovative orientation of teaching, a close interlinking with the industry as well as a strong focus on internationalization. Furthermore the “Can-Do-Spirit”, a “Development Orientation”,  “Nurturing & Caring Culture” and more are the values of NYP. 

A few more details:
Campus: Is designed for 15,000 students and includes recreation areas and accommodation for the staff.
Weather: The climate is tropical, so it is warm and humid, but not extremely hot. Temperatures range between 24 and 31 degrees.
Food: If you like to eat diversified, you will love the food in Singapore. Influences from all over Asia, Europe and the world merge in Singapore into an outstanding cuisine.

If you want to know more about the NYP, click here: http://www.nyp.edu.sg