Practical studies, friends from all over the world & a thrilling experience

Sun, 30 Sep 2018 | International, Campusleben, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
My experience as an international student at FHWS so far...

written by Maliha Kehar, international student from the U.A.E.

A university is so much more than just classrooms built in  buildings.  It  gives  a  glimpse  of  what  awaits  for  stu-dents in the future. My name is Maliha Kehar and I am 24 years old. I am currently studying Business and Engineering in the 5th semester at FHWS in Germany. I come from Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Saying  not  only  goodbye  to  my  friends  and  family,  but  also to the place I was born and raised in, was the most difficult experience of my life. I was excited and a bit sca-red of what awaited me. Germany has been a whole new adventure and I must say, I absolutely love it here. People surprised me. Back home I always heard that German people  are  very  cold,  but  they  were  completely  wrong.  From  the  moment  my  plane  landed,  people  have  been  nothing but kind and helpful to me.

In the very beginning, I had some difficulties dealing with life here. I always knew that there would be a language barrier. However, at FHWS there is help for international students in the International Office. They help with everything a student needs, from how to come to Germany, to  getting  all  the  bureaucratic  paper  work  completed.  Once lectures started, I met other new international students and before I knew it, we were friends. We all know  how  it  feels  to  be  so  far  away  from  home  and  dealing  with a new independent life.

Studying here has been a great experience for me. The atmosphere has been very open minded and supportive. The  professors  are  great  and  very  patient.  Moreover  they always give us a practical understanding of a topic, which helps us understand a little better, the working of the  real  world.  We  also  do  projects  with  companies,  to  learn how they function in Germany. The university offers German language courses, to help us improve our German. English is my stronger language and throughout my stay here in Germany, my goal is not just working towards my degree, but also strengthening my German skills. I have classes in German and in English, so it is a challenge. For two semesters, the university has asked me to tutor an  electrical  engineering  course.  The  university  always  tries to help the students. I really appreciate this opportunity  to teach and help other students.

In conclusion, I have gained a lot of knowledge studying here at FHWS. Not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical. I am looking forward to taking the skills I have gained  and  applying  them  in  my  future. I  always  knew  that university life would not be anything like school life, so I had no expectations. As it turns out, it has been the most interesting and thrilling experience of my life so far.