Students of the Faculty Business and Engineering help their library with 3D-printed parts

Wed, 23 Jan 2019 | Praxis, Lehre, Forschung, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
The component was digitized, optimized for 3D printing using software, and then printed from plastic.

"The book holders in our library are broken, can you help us? The request from the library of the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt arrived in our office at the beginning of the winter semester in this or a similar way," Professor Bräutigam and Professor Schmitt recall. This task was promptly integrated into the term papers of the lecture "Production Optimization and CIP", and a committed team of students accepted this challenge.

In addition to the required written elaboration, the work demanded the constructive optimization of the necessary components of the twenty-year-old book holding systems and their subsequent production by means of 3D printing. With the support of Josef Zenker, an employee of the Faculty of Business and Engineering, the student team digitalized an intact component of the library, optimized it for 3D printing using software and then printed it from plastic. What sounds simple, involved a lot of detailed work, especially in 3D data preparation, reports the student team.

After a successful presentation of the results, according to Jan Schmitt, it can be stated that the bookshelves of the library in Schweinfurt are again fully functional thanks to the 3D printed parts and committed students. The supply of spare parts is also ensured: "All in all a successful, instructive campaign for all involved".