"The production of the future": Eighty representatives from science and industry took part

Tue, 29 Oct 2019 | Vorlage, Startseite, Ereignisse, Fakultätsentwicklung, Praxis
Professor Dr. Jan Schmitt pointed out the cooperation possibilities for companies at FHWS

Modular, networked and resource-saving production systems with new forms of human-technology interaction were the focus of "Production of the Future". The "Region Mainfranken GmbH" had invited more than eighty representatives from science and industry to the event series "Denker treffen Lenker".

Professor Dr. Jan Schmitt of Faculty Business and Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt pointed out the interdisciplinary cooperation possibilities offered by the “Institute Digital Engineering” (IDEE) of FHWS using the example of the c-factory: In this networked concept factory, industry 4.0 can be experienced on the basis of a physically manufactured product and configuration, production and process data can be tracked via a web browser. Prof. Schmitt pointed out: "Industry 4.0 starter kits also offer a good opportunity to get to know architectures and services for networked production". As a research professor for "Process Management in Digital Production", he encouraged the participants to increasingly participate in federal and state funding programmes in cooperation with FHWS.