Excursion Stuttgart 10th - 12th February 2016

31.03.2016 | Logistik

Hugo Boss in Metzingen: All the goods in this distribution center are hanging goods. The clothes from the supplier arrive at the center already on a hanger. Inside the huge building, all clothes are sorted related to the orders of the stores. Everywhere different clothes are hanging or moving around. At the end of their journey the hanging goods are reaching the shipping area and wait there for the trucks to reach their destination.

Stuttgart Airport: Stuttgart Airport has 400 take-offs and landings per day to more than 100 destinations. Over 20,000 tons air cargo are flown directly out of Stuttgart, 10,000 tons of which are airmail.

Inland Port: Thanks to this port, Stuttgart is linked through the European waterways and rail networks with the most important economic centres and major seaports in Europe. Inland vessels are able to reach the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp in only 52 hours on the Neckar and Rhine. In addition to barge-handling facilities, a trimodal container terminal and two rail/road terminals add to the high-quality transportation services provided.

Porsche: In its Zuffenhausen plant, Porsche manufactures the famous 911, the Boxter and the Cayman make-to-order. In a very clean and well-organized working environment, material staging to the assembly lines is done by tugger train milk-runs.